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Ålcatraz prison

You just woke up in a prison cell. No idea why you have been locked in but you know you have to get out before the prison guard gets back. For 3-7 persons.

The doctor prescribe…

You step into a evacuated hospital as, EBSÅ, the Elite Bomb Squad of Åland. Someone has called in a bomb threat but it’s probably just another false alarm… For 2-4 persons.

Important information:

• You need to be atleast 16 years old to enter our rooms
• For insurance purposes each player will need to sign a waiver.
• Allow 1.5 hours for a game.
• The rooms are in a simple English language.
• Cellphones and any other personal items will be collected before you enter the room.
• No physical force is ever needed. Work with your brain and not with your hands.
• Please arrive 10 minutes before start time for a short introduction.
• Color blind or visually challenged persons, please ensure a helper accompanies you.
• Be sure to come to us sober. Drunken people are asked to leave.
• And last most important tip of them all. Please follow our rules.

What is Lost Inn?

A real-life escape room in Åland with lots of mind bending puzzles and riddles to solve with your colleagues and friends.

Ålands first escape room! You and your friends or colleagues gets locked in. You have 60 minutes to complete you mission. Whether it´s to escape a prison or investigate a bomb threat you'll have to overcome all the obstacles and problems to win. Everything around you could be a clue. Find hidden objects, solve riddles, and beat the clock.

  • Great for teambuilding

    Bring you small company to us and be sure they will get along. . We accept groups of 10people and divided between our two rooms. Compete with other companies and complete your mission the fastest.

  • The clock is ticking...

    You’ll have to work fast and use your teams total intelligence, ingenuity and lateral thinking to succeed. Without cooperation and communication chances are that you will get Lost inn Åland!

  • Prices

    Depending on how many you are in your group.
    2persons = 35€/person
    3persons = 30€/person
    4persons =25€/person
    5-6persons = 20€/person

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